Gastronomic experiences

Touch of Småland, locally produced, umami burgers or Japanese dishes? Here are 10 tips for you.

Restaurant guide

Växjö is a mecca when it comes to food and gastronomy, and you could spend your entire visit here just eating. Here are 10 restaurant tips that you can check out during your stay in Växjö.

  1. PM & Vänner – choose between bistro and fine dining. Star in Guide Michelin, wine experience of the year according to White Guide (3 times!) and the first gastro hotel in Scandinavia. Inspired by forest, meadow and lake. A must for those interested in food.
  2. Urban Smak – to eat is to travel. Street-food inspired food and drinks from different continents. Cosy inner courtyard on Västergatan.
  3. Kafé de luxe – nice suits, people in their work outfits, board game playing high school students and many others gather here. Locally produced food, wine from small yards and second hand furniture. On the menu you will find tarte flambée, burgers and many vegetarian options. Mentioned in White Guide.
  4. Massimo – viva Italia! In the open kitchen the cooks throw together pasta and pizza with first-rate Italian ingredients. Relaxed environment on the cosy street Sandgärdsgatan.
  5. Ett Kvarter – make yourself at home in Söder’s charming local pub. Well-prepared food, rustic and with a twist here and there. Mentioned in White Guide.
  6. Venezia – Italian pub from 1974. Stone-baked pizza a few minutes walk from the city centre.
  7. Izakaya Moshi – a Japanese bar or “slink in”. Small dishes inspired by Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Mentioned in White Guide.
  8. Umami monkey – a real hamburger-joint with tastes from the world’s corners, packaged in the form of hamburgers and sides. Inspired by Marc O’Polo’s travels with everything from parmesan to soy as seasoning.
  9. Teleborg castle – a magic spectacle for the eyes as well as the palate. Here you dine like counts and countesses in a historical setting.
  10. Villa & Trädgård de luxe – Växjös most secret garden. Relaxed atmosphere, pizza and beer.

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