Växjö & Co

Sells and promotes the region of Växjö as a destination for meetings and events.

About us

Växjö & Co business idea
To sell and promote the region as a destination for meetings and events, as well as to develop and conduct meetings and events in collaboration with the region’s stakeholders.

About Växjö & Co

Växjö & Co is a company owned by members, which include the visiting industry business as well as Växjö and Alvesta municipalities as shareholders and financiers. The company started in 2007 with the aim of promoting the region of Växjö as a destination for conferences, congresses and events. Växjö & Co has a board with eight members, including chairman. The business is run by Maria Lexert.

Board members

Göran Ivarsson (chairman), Quality Hotel Royal Corner

Helen Bäckstedt, Elite Hotel Stadshotellet / Elite Park Hotel Växjö / Växjö Konserthus

Monica Carlsson, PM & Vänner

Maria Runosson, Teleborgs slott

Fredrik Sandberg, Växjö Lakers

Ulf Axelsson, Växjö Småland Airport

Tomas Ekelius, Växjö kommun

Henrik Cajnerud, Växjö kommun

Facts about Växjö

Population: city ≈ 66 000, municipality 91 000

Area: 1 930 km²

Number of lakes ≈ 300

Linneaus University: ≈ 34 000 students

Distance to: Stockholm ≈ 430 km, Gothenburg ≈ 230 km, Malmö ≈ 210 km

Facts about Växjö

Pictures of Växjö

In our image bank you will find pictures that are allowed to be used, free of charge, to inform, present or market Växjö as a destination. For example when arranging an event, conference or presenting Växjö as a city. It must be clear when using the pictures, that Växjö is the destination. Read through the guidelines before using the pictures.

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Pictures of Växjö