From Japan to Mexico

The restaurants in Växjö takes you on a gastronomic trip around the globe.

Food from every corner of the world

Växjö has many restaurants with food from every corner of the world. Here are 10 tips for your visit in Växjö.

  1. Pinchos – the worlds first app restaurant. Tapas dishes from all over the world served in a circus environment.
  2. Lilla Mexico – Genuine Mexican food made of fresh produce.
  3. Foodie – Asian food philosophy. Buffet if you are really hungry. Ingenuous and modern in an enthralling setting.
  4. Bella Lanterna – Växjö’s first pizza-place. Classic Italian style with red and white tablecloths.
  5. Miso – A small sushi bar, that also serves bento and salads. A perfect place for lunch.
  6. Grilleriet – American food with a Swedish touch. Burgers for main dish and “lösgodis” (sweets) for dessert.
  7. The Bishops Arms – Classic pub menu such as fish ‘n’ chips and burgers. Authentic British pub setting on Sandgärdsgatan.
  8. Piazza Teatro – A restaurant with Mediterranean influences on Teatertorget.
  9. 4 krogar – Situated on the northern shore of lake Växjösjön. On the upper floor you can find Greek food such as gyros and keftedes (Greek meat balls).
  10. Tandoori City – Home-cooked Indian food on a side street.