Keep up with the trends in training

Training advice from the pros in Grand Samarkand

Växjö has developed more and more into a sport city over the years. Few people know more about accurate training trends than Annca Steen and Ulrik Wallertz. She is the store manager of the sport store Stadium, he is a part-owner of Intersport. We met up on their home ground Grand Samarkand to find out what the Växjö citizens fill their workout schedules with after this year´s vacation.

No one could have missed that all forms of running have been very trendy lately, would you say that running is still as popular?

I really like to see that running has become a popular workout style for many kinds of athletes, from the beginner to the more advanced runner. Here in Växjö, we have several running teams with different profiles that you can join. In addition, due to multiple mild winters, runners can enjoy this workout style all the year round.

How is  this trend demonstrated in your stores?

Shoes are of course the central part when it comes to running. We help the customers to find the right shoes for their feet and running style. I would say though, that joggers in general, are more aware when it comes to choosing workout clothes. For most people, it is no longer enough to excerise in an old cotton t-shirt which will be completely soaked halfway trough the workout session. Function as well as design matter when people choose their workout wardrobe, and we make sure that they have a lot to choose from, Ulrik says.

Shoes check! Clothes check! Anything else?

No, then, the only thing left is to go out and actually run, Having that said, pulse watches have been very trendy lately. Maybe because it is more common to document every workout session, share it on social media, and follow one´s own statistics, Annca says.

Running continues to gain supporters, is there another sport which you would like to highlight?

Padel is definitely up and running in Växjö. A sport which is still pretty new here in Sweden. In Norremark, we have a centre with six tracks, and it seems like people are starting to use those more frequently. At least we sell quite a lot of padel rackets, Ulrik says.

I do believe however, that crossfit is the fastest growing training trend at the moment. There are crossfit gyms and even the more traditional gyms are making room for crossfit excercises. Furthermore, crossfit sessions outdoors are offered even in the fall, Annca says.