Tips from the locals

Hi! I work as a conference manager at one of Växjös hotels.

Three Växjö Tips

Arnold Marcinkevicius work as a conference manager at one of Växjö´s many hotels. Here he shares his three best Växjö tips.


1. Lake Växjö

A stroll around our beautiful lake Växjö or maybe even go on a jog? Either way gives you good exercise and fresh air. Rest your eyes on fascinating pieces of art along the way.

2. Adventure miniature golf

The miniature golf course is open for everyone, both adults and children. The adventurous twist keeps the players on their toes. Concentration and persistence but most of all a happy mood are the winning factors for a successful game.

3. Grand Samarkand

If you are in a shopping mood, I would recommend the shopping mall Grand Samarkand. There you find a large variety of shops which will keep you busy for a whole day with fun and exciting shopping.


See you in Växjö!