Skåres Konditori and Café


You have a lot to choose from when visiting Skåres. A café with a selection of confectionary including biscuits, pastries, sandwiches, layer-cakes and cakes. There are also warm dishes such as lasagna, burritos, salmon and creamy potato sallad and a big sallad buffet which is served every day between 11 and 14. There is also a breakfast buffé on Fridays and brunch on Sundays. The coffee is organic and comes from Arvid Nordqvist. They also serve beer, wine, smoothies, freshly made juice etc. There are about 130 seats in 3 rooms and and you can sit outdoors during the summers.

Contact information

Address: Kungsgatan 13, 352 31 VÄXJÖ

Phone: +46(0)470-12529


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