Kafé de luxe


Kafé de luxe is a meeting point for those interested in food and culture. A small, comfortable restaurant offering both international and local cuisine. Everything from tapas to a full course meal is available. It is a restaurant who serves both lunch & á la carte. It has a bakery and a vibrant culture scene. The club in the basement offers concerts with pop stars, in the dining room upstairs tango is played to the coffee, and on the porch you hear jazz music from the piano. During the summers, they also have a beer garden called Trädgård de luxe, very near Kafé de luxe.

Contact information

Address: Sandgärdsgatan 19, 352 30 VÄXJÖ

Phone: +46(0)470-740409

E-mail: nils@kafedeluxe.se

Web site: http://www.kafedeluxe.se

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