”Different, social, and freaking hilarious” –that´s how Allan Schwech describes his restaurant Pinchos in Växjö.

A restaurant visit where the app provides some extra flavour

Pinchos has been up and running in Växjö for a year. When it opened, it had around 4000 reservations and the success continues.

We are actually doing pretty well. We have been fully booked every weekend, says owner Allan Schwech.

At Pinchos, the guests enjoy their food in a circus environment. Ligting bulbs with a warm shine, red velvet curtains. And of course the staff, who ” jumps around” dressed in circus costumes.

I also have one of those costumes. On mine it says ”Circus Director Allan.” In our restaurant you are as far away from stiffness and stylistically pureness, here, we strive towards a warm and social environment where you can be yourself, Allan says.


Pinchos means tapas in Basque. In the restaurant, small dishes influenced from all over the world are served. Hungarian steak, Italian risotto, Asian dumplings, Spanish quesadillas or Swedish Västerbottencheese pie. The restaurant chain was launched five years ago and is at the moment, Sweden´s fastest growing restaurant chain.



All orders are handled by an app which the guests download to their phones. Pinchos is often called Sweden´s first app-restaurant.

When I first found out that you order through an app, I was very scepitcal. But when I tried it the first time in the restaurant in Gothenborg, I realised how convenient it was. It is much more simple than one migth think. You just place your order with an easy click and then you pick up the food yourself.

Allan Schwech, 38 years old, is raised in Växjö and has a degree in mechanical engineering. But his life in factories has been replaced with a restaurant career. Already before he launched Pinchos in Växjö, he owned a hamburger place and an Indian restaurant.

Pinchos is a new way of going to a restaurant. I find it super exciting, he says.