Accommodation World Championship Bandy - Teleborg Castle

Teleborg Castle offers unique accommodation spread over several buildings. Each room is carefully decorated and has its own history. Shower, toilet, whirlpool and sauna are in the corridor just like in bygone times. You can hear the wings of history, but the sleeping comfort is of course modern.

In the gatehouses and in the brewery house there is a bathroom / toilet in the room if you prefer. The gatehouses are located at the entrance to Slottsparken and the brewery house is next to Lake Trummen. Breakfast is served in the castle building.


Single room: 1145 kr

Dubble room

Sunday-Friday: 1795 kr

Saturday: 1895 kr


Sunday-Friday: 1995 kr

Saturday: 2095 kr

Prices are per room and night and include VAT and breakfast.


You can make your reservation at Teleborg Castle booking site, or call them: (+46) 470-34 89 80

Booking code: BANDY2022

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