Urban Farming

There is an increasing interest for farming in the city. In Östrabo Ekobacke, in the central part of Växjö, visitors are welcomed to eat locally cultivated food and buy fresh vegetables.

A green oasis

A stone´s throw away from Växjö´s main square, green fields are to be find. In an area big as a football field, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, chili, tomatoes, parsley, lettuce, and many other vegetables grow. The one who pays a visit to ”The hill” will not only enjoy a beautiful view over Växjö but also, have the opportunity to get inside-farming-tips from the farmers themselves.


Ekobacken´s  little shop sell freshly harvested vegetables, which are all produced on the field. On some occasions, until the end of October, a vegetarian lunch made from the vegetables is served in the open air cafe.

What started as a small projekt by the organisation ”Macken” six years ago, has ever since expanded every year. Now, even the municipality is a cooperation partner. This year, a staff room and a  green house have been built.

Besides this urban farming making Europe´s greenest city even greener, it also contributes to occupation. New Swedish citizens and unemployed people have been involved in this project. Despite the relatively small farming capacity, it still manages to deliver fresh vegetables to some of Växjö´s finest restaurangs and closeby schools and preschools within the region.

Östrabo ekobacke is KRAV-certified which means that no synthetic fertilizer is used and the amount of approved plant protectants is limited. In order to guarantee that plants willl grow and avoid plant diseases and vermin, it is important to have a varied plant supply.